Most say you cannot time the market, we disagree

We are constantly timing the market and believe dynamic forces offer a constant flow of new opportunities that we seize ahead of trends and the mainstream.

We allocate capital on undervalued income producing assets, and force appreciation over time through material improvements and efficient operations.

Our Business Values

Karma – our actions and deeds show the world who we are and have lasting consequences.

Integrity – we do what we say we will, our word is our honor.

Proficiency – to perform at our best we continually work to sharpen our skills. 

Accountability –  we hold ourselves and those we work with to the highest standard. 

Balance – keeping our scales evenly weighted makes us a stable force optimizing our service.  

Our Mission Statement

To operate a profitable investment business that provides a benefit to its owners and employees, its customers and associates, and to the communities where we live, work, and invest.  To maintain awareness that this is a relationship business and that our words and actions have lasting impact.  Our values guide us and results are the measure of our success.