We work with many active investors and look forward to working with you.

Option #1

While we specialize in offering discounted properties to other investors, WE BUY PROPERTY from investors also!  The truth is, some areas get us more excited than others, so we might make a competitive offer on your next deal.  In fact, we want to be the first people you call if you have a great property you want to wholesale.  Do you send out deals to an email list?  We want to be on that too, so give us a call!  (417) 592-9072

We also want to let you know that we are members of some powerful organizations in the real estate investment world and we would be happy to introduce you to some great opportunities.  Feel free to reach out anytime to talk more about it, even if you are just curious.

Option #2

As noted above, our specialzation is offering discounted properties to investors throughout a 4 state area here in the Ozarks. The best way to access those properties is to sign up on our sister site, www.creativeinvestments-realestate.com. One of the perks of signing up is that you receive our deals before the general public; in fact, most of our deals are snapped up BEFORE they ever see the light of day. A button is provided below that will take you right there.